Youtube Live Sub Count

See any Youtube channel's subscriber count in real time.





About This Live Counter

You just need to enter the Youtube channel name in the input field above and the counter will return subscriber count which is updated in real time. Youtube provides many useful statistics for channels and videos. For any Youtube channel, the most important piece of information is the subscriber count. Now, Youtube doesn't show the subscriber count in real time. This can be a problem if you want to keep track of your subscribers and milestones.

Our tool solves this problem by providing live count from Youtube for any channel. You can see the subscriber count updating in real time as the tool refreshes every second. The search feature on this site is based on Youtube's search. Many people find it difficult to find the channel id as it is not displayed in account dashboard. So, you can simply enter the channel name and our tool will fetch the subscriber count and other information like views & comments for that channel in seconds.